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Frequently Asked Questions



I just made the payment but I am unable to download the product. How can I get the product delivered?

Once you make the payment, you will be re-directed to a download screen. It is recommended that you do not close the payment window but wait for getting re-directed to the download screen. The download link will also be sent to you from “Payhip” to the email address you have given. Please check your spam folder and if the email does not appear after 24 hours, please contact us here.


I just downloaded the product but the .zip file is empty. The .zip file is corrupt, I can’t open it.


Sometimes data/files get corrupted during electronic transfers. There may be occasions when you might see the .zip file is empty. In such cases it is recommended that you re-download the file.

If the .zip file that you downloaded is corrupt, it is recommended that you download the product once again from the download link sent to your email address. All products that you purchase through Moonbeamart are zipped using WINZIP. It is therefore recommended that you have a valid copy of WINZIP installed in your PC. If you are a Mac user, please use STUFFIT.


I have a slow speed internet connection and it takes hours to download your product. Can you perhaps breakdown the product in smaller chunks and email them to me?


No, unfortunately we will not be able to break a product into small pieces and email them across to you.


My hard-drive crashed and I have lost all the files purchased from Moonbeamart. I do not have any back-up either, can you please send the products again?

You have to contact Moonbeamart at with proof of all your purchases. Purchase receipts from “Payhip” or payment receipts from “Paypal” are accepted. After the details are verified, you will receive all the products you purchased via Dropsend within 72 hours. You will receive an email from Dropsend containing the download link.


I have purchased (PRODUCT NAME) recently and was hoping to find (ELEMENT NAME) in another color/configuration. Can you please tweak the (ELEMENT NAME) as per my specifications and send it, or may be provide me with the original layers?


No, we will not be able to customize an element to your personal needs. All products come ‘as-is’ and you will see the list of elements included in a package in the description box. We make elaborate promo images and everything included in a package is shown in the promo images. It is recommended that you view all the promo images attached before making your purchase. We will not be able to provide layered images upon request. The background and compositions etc. are all merged elements in .png format unless otherwise specified in the promo images or description box, in which case .psd files included in a product will have individual layers.

I just purchased a product and now I see that it’s a duplicate purchase. I know it is my fault because I was not paying attention, I promise to be more careful with my next purchase, but can I please exchange this product on this one occasion?


Moonbeamart does not provide exchange on any product. All purchases are final. It is a customer’s duty to check their records before purchase.


I like (NAME THE ELEMENT) from your (NAME THE PRODUCT) and think that will be perfect for my (NAME THE USAGE). Can I order just this element from you without purchasing the whole package?


No, this is not possible. If you like a particular element in a product, you have to purchase the entire product. We will not be able to breakdown a product and individually bill elements.


I just downloaded a product and my graphics program is unable to read the files. What kind of graphic program do I need to open the files?


Any graphics program that has layer capabilities and can open .png, .psd and .jpg file formats is recommended for Moonbeamart products. They can be opened by Adobe Photoshop 7 and above, Paint Shop Pro 5.5+ and Corel Painter.


Can you please convert the files to (NAME THE FORMAT) and re-send the files so that my graphic program can read it?


No, we will not be able to re-convert a file in any other format and send it. All elements in Moonbeamart products are in .png file format unless otherwise mentioned in the description box.


I downloaded the tutorial (TUTORIAL NAME) from Moonbeamart a while back and the .pdf file is password protected. I am unable to open it. Can you please help?


All Moonbeam art tutorials are password protected by default. A text file containing the password to the document is provided inside the .zip file containing the original .pdf document. Please note that Moonbeamart does not have a universal password for all the tutorials. Each has a different password so it is recommended that you preserve the original .zip file that you downloaded or keep a record of all the passwords in a personal list.

I purchased (NAME THE BESPOKE COLLECTION PRODUCT) and my best-friend likes the wedding stationery included in it. She wants to use it for her upcoming wedding. Can she use it?


No, a product and its elements are only licensed to the individual buyer, not to their extended family or friends. A friend or family member has to purchase their own copy to use part or whole of a product. It is illegal and a breech of the TOU to loan a product or its elements.



I do not have a Paypal account. How can I purchase products from Moonbeamart?

Currently Moonbeamart only supports Paypal. You have to have a valid Paypal account to make any purchase from Moonbeamart.


I just paid (QUOTE THE AMOUNT) for (NAME THE PRODUCT). I was hoping to get more elements in the .zip file like (NAME ELEMENTS…etc.). What are your refund policies?


Moonbeamart product promos are very carefully made and showcase everything included in the package. The description box in the product page also enlists elements included in the product. If you are not satisfied with the contents in a product, it is recommended that you do not make the purchase. Due to the non-tangible digital nature of our products, we do not provide refunds and all purchases are final.


Is the cost of your products a one-time payment or subscription based?


Our products have a one-time fee that comes with a standard license. We also have EXTENDED LICENSE or SPECIAL LICENSE for specific usages. We recommend that you read our ‘Terms of Use’ very carefully before purchase to identify and determine what kind of license you require. If you have any doubts regarding the licenses, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.




I sent you an email via contact form an hour back but I have not received a reply yet? You have poor customer service.


Moonbeamart support hours are Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 7pm (GMT+4 timezone). Please be aware of possible time differences. We generally reply to customer queries within 24 hours depending on the complexity of the issue and our workload. Alternatively, we are also committed to answer any queries outside of these hours within 48 hours.




I want to learn how to paint like you. Can you please tell me how you do what you do?


I do not claim to be an expert artist but I do have a diploma in fine art. In Photoshop, though, I am self-taught, most of which I have learnt by trial and error, and hours spent in honing my little skills. I will not be able to tell you how I do what I do, not because I do not want to share but the process is so fluid and time consuming that it is just not humanly possible to discuss in email.

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