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The Enchanted Rose

A tale as old as time -

'Beauty and the Beast' - as seen through Moonbeam's eyes!

Product Contents :-  5 pre-made backgrounds, 4 papers, 3 picture postcards, 3 vignettes, 2 tags, 2 quickpages, 1 album cover and 1 fancy plaque.

NOTE :- Package contents can only

be used to create derivative

designs for CU & PU purposes, as outlined in my TOU.

Price : $15.00

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"When the nerdy village girl Belle met The Beast for the first time, little did she know he was none other than her own Prince Charming. Cursed by an

enchantress for his arrogance on good looks, the French prince was turned into a hideous beast till such time that he found true love despite his grotesque appearance.

Of course it had to be before the last petal of 'The Enchanted Rose' fell. When he was cursed, his household help and loyal attendants were turned to objects

that could walk and talk as humans - only they were not humans anymore. Time was running out as the enchanted rose started losing one petal after another.

Until one day when Belle walked into the enchanted castle... the rest as we know is a timeless fairy-tale, or may we say a tale as old as time!"

Hope you enjoy this version of 'Beauty and the Beast' seen through Moonbeam's eyes!


Painted images in the package are inspired by Disney's 2017 live action movie 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Credits to original Disney concept artists and film makers.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT : This product is compatible with Photoshop 7 and above or any other graphic program that can read and open .PNG files.


REFUND AND EXCHANGE POLICY : Due to the digital nature of the products, refunds or exchange are not given. It is the buyers responsibility to check and buy the appropriate product at our website.


DISCLAIMER : This product comes 'as-is' and everything included in the product .zip file is displayed in the promo images. We will not be able to provide any layered files upon request.

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